spiritual-journeyWould God have you lie, to save yourself?The essence of “NO DEAL!” is set in a spiritual journey that explores the actual application of faith, belief, and trust, as I sought the scriptures for keys to unlock the manifestation of the presence of God. This spiritual journey explores these concepts through my real life experiences, as I learned to serve God in the integrity of my design, through the painful purification of baptism by fire. “NO DEAL!” provides an intimate view of transitions that occurred in my spiritual awareness, as I dared to obey God, even when I did not understand, or agree with the logic that was being released inside of me spiritually. This is a story that reveals how my insatiable hunger and thirst for the words of God, was enabled in my spirit, as I came to realize that the fear of God was alive inside of me. “NO DEAL!” reveals how my willingness to obey God, unlocked my sensitivity, awareness, and understanding of His divine love, the realities of belief, the characteristics of faith, and the truth about trust in God. While sharing the analytical details that were unfolding inside of me, as my spirit recorded my experiences of transformation, my pursuit of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the manifestation of the power of God in my life. This is my testimony of how the Almighty answered me in the whirlwind, and established me in sound doctrine, as He reproved me, corrected me, instructed me, rebuked me, and chastised me. This testimony shares how God spoke promises, through prophesy into my life. I share with you how the Lord delivered me, and fulfilled every word He spoke to me, as He restored me! This book is for everyone that has ever asked the question, “Why doesn’t my faith, move mountains?” I invite you into my testimony, and I encourage you to trust God as you embrace the precepts embedded in this story. As I struggled to believe God for the impossible, these words were planted into my spirit. “If you are not willing to trust God for what you want, you are not ready to receive what God has for you.” I pray that as you read these words, you find the strength to embark upon this spiritual journey with me, leaving your mind open, for God to speak personally to you. I pray that in your trials, the strength of the Lord becomes your courage.
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